Hosted Apache Solr and SolrCloud Services

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solr_logo_on_whiteHosted Solr vs installing Apache Solr

It’s a question of personal feeling.

– If you’re a dev ops guy, you’ll like installing Apache Solr on your own dedicated server, or VPS. You’ll benefit from dedicated resources and power, and smaller connexion times. You’ll also pay much less if you have lot’s of data or queries.

– If you’re more like a business man, and want to outsource plenty of boring stuff like security, load balancing, node distribution, scalability, then renting a hosted Apache Solr server is for you.

Compatible hosted Apache Solr services

Below are the hosted services tested with WPSOLR (free and PRO), ordered alphabetically. We do not favour those services over others, we have just been able to add them to our automated tests. If you think other services could be interesting, just let us know.


Searchstax is a SolrCloud hosting service (multiple or single nodes), from Solr experts.

Full access to SolrCloud console.

Tested up to Apache SolrCloud 7.5.0

Tested with WPSOLR 21.4 (and every version since).


Full documentation.



Exigo is a Swiss Solr service with a WPSOLR tutorial.




Opensolr is tested up to Apache Solr 7

Tested from WPSOLR 18.8 (and every version since).



Full documentation.



Solrfarm is a Solr Service on demand.

Tested with WPSOLR 20.1 on WooCommerce



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