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The Best WordPress & WooCommerce Facets Plugin

No website is truly complete without faceted search and filtering. Improve your users' search experience using the WPSOLR facets for WordPress.

Fast. Accurate. Affordable.
WPSolr facets available in our demo.

Let dedicated search engines power your facets

WPSolr makes use of the most popular and efficient search engines.

WPSolr is compatible with the Apache Solr, Elasticsearch, Opensearch, Algolia, Weaviate, Recombee and Google Retail search engines.

Let these search engines your improve your website’s performance by using WPSolr.

Place facets anywhere

You can place WPSolr facets anywhere using shortcodes and widgets.

WPSolr offers you total freedom when it comes to your facets location. It doesn’t place recommendations in predetermined location.

Check box facets

Check boxes

A simple check box facet

Checkboxes show texts as a list of selectable items. They enable to select several items of the same facet. It can be used in two situations:

The facet items are multivalued: a post can have several values for the attribute or custom value.

Image filter-radiobox.png of Facets (Filters)

Radio boxes

A simple radio box facet

Radio boxes show texts as a list of selectable items, however they prevent multi-selection of items. Only “attachement” can be selected, or “guide”, but not both.

Facet with Select2 layout

Select box

A simple select box facet

WPSolr provides a simple select box facet. Choose the field you want to filter from a drop-down list.

Image filter-price-range.png of Facets (Filters)

Numeric range (with checkboxes)

A numeric range facet

The numeric range facet splits a range of potential values in a fixed number of intervals (ranges).

You fix the range start, the range end, and the range gap, and the plugin will not only generate the corresponding ranges but also a range before and a range after .

Ion.rangeSlider: date formatted with "us-US" locale

Range slider

A range slider facet

A Range Slider is an intuitive user interface to position a number within a range. A typical Range Slider usually can be used to filter results between two prices, or two dates.

Image wpsolr-date-picker-flatpicker.png of Facets (Filters)

Date picker

A date picker facet

The date picker facet is a pretty and easy range selector to filter any post-type that contains a date field that appears between two user selected dates. It is powered by the Flatpickr js library and is highly configurable.

Image filter-color-picker.png of Facets (Filters)

Color picker

A color picker facet

Rather than showing the texts of colours in a facet, why not show an image with the color as the background ?

The idea is to associate colours to your field values, by picking a colour with a colour picker.

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