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Video – Install Apache Solr on Ubuntu

Video – Install Apache Solr on CentOS

Video – Install Apache Solr on Windows



WPSOLR was last tested on Apache Solr 7.4.0

(Solr 6.5 may not display suggestions, due to a format evolution of Solr results not yet supported by the Solarium client library. See ticket ).

Install Apache Solr on a development environment

To install Apache Solr on a development environment, we will follow the official documentation installation guidelines.
We might want to install several versions of the server. Therefore, we will use a procedure that will not install Apache Solr as a service, but rather as a directory containing a launch script for each version.

Install Apache Solr on a production environment

Follow the official documentation. It will guide you on installing Apache Solr as a service.

Use our Gotosolr hosting

Inside the plugin, you will find a button to create a free Solr index hosted at Gotosolr. It is really a one click procedure, which will create and configure the index, ready to use for 2 hours.

Need a professional to install your Apache Solr server in production ?

  • Dedicated, VM, container
  • Google Cloud, AWS, Azure …
  • Solr cloud
  • Firewall
  • Authentication
  • https
  • Backups
  • Load balancing
  • Geo DNS

Contact us.



Install Solr on Ubuntu 14.04 for Faster WordPress Search

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