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You will immediately receive instructions and a download link.

A test Elasticsearch index is provided. No installation, and no special skills required.

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Support is available during the trial, to ensure you will complete your tests as fast as possible.

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Is it complicated ?

You don’t need to know anything about Solr or Elasticsearch.

– WPSOLR takes care of creating and configuring the search indexes. This job is usually done by the few experts in search engine. But with WPSOLR, it is as easy as clicking on a button.

– You decide in WPSOLR admin how to display the results, the filters. It’s very easy and quite addictive.


Who are we ?

We are a team of WordPress developers and search experts.

During the last past years, we’ve noticed many websites struggling with the WordPress search.

We decided to build a plugin to solve the most obvious issues of WordPress search : slow, inaccurate, inflexible.

How to activate a license ?

What are Elasticsearch and Solr ?

They are a piece of software that you install on your server.

WPSOLR manage the communication with them, in 2 steps:

– Indexing: the data you chose is sent for “indexing” (converting data to a more efficient structure for search)

– Querying: the search keywords and filters are performed in a highly optimized way

How do we compare to competitors ?

WPSOLR uses the power of Elasticsearch, or Solr, as do most well-known SaaS hosted search. But with WPSOLR, you can install them on your server. It’s easy, and free.

Here is a price estimation for one million posts or products:

WPSOLR: $220/year

Algolia : $12,480/year

Swiftype : $60,000/year

SearchIQ : $10,788/year

Is this a plugin or a hosted service ?

WPSOLR is 100% a WordPress plugin. As such, it will be completely integrated in your theme’s search template.

How to buy a new subscription ?

Why do I need Elasticsearch and Solr ?

Because they are free software dedicated to search, and used by the biggest websites on the planet.

All SaaS hosted search services use them also, but you don’t know it, and you’re charged for them.


“Great plugin! Have used it to index over 1 million data in a custom WP application and the results have been fantastic. The support too, even though it is free, is very responsive and if there is a feature request it is for sure added in next releases of the plugin.“ Overall, kudos to your team for bringing out such a plugin and making SOLR integration with WP such a breeze!

amathur - Awesome Plugin!

“The Pro level plugin is robust, with loads of support of the complex search requirements our client requires in their Solr integration. The support offered has also been top-notch!“

mwf_oms - Great Plugin and Solid Support

“Outstanding plugin. Been using WordPress for a long time now, but never commented on any plugin. I created a account just to give this plugin a 5 star review. Not just because the plugin works as advertised, but also because of the outstanding support given by the author. Great job.“


“Great plugin - outstanding support! Solr can be a bit tricky but this plugin makes it very simple to use on your WP site.“


“Simply amazing . Flexible, well thinked and designed. Great plugin implementation. Great maintenance. I do not know if it is clear enough: GREAT!“

vcapoccia - SIMPLY AMAZING