The best Way To Build Your search With WordPress, Elasticsearch, Solr and Algolia (soon)

Zero knowledge of Elasticsearch (or Solr) required.
Forget about it, everything is done for you: configuration, indexing, querying, and filtering.


Total downloads


Add-ons included


Active installs

3 millions

Posts on a client site

Experience the full power of search

in posts, pages, products, topics, custom fields, attributes categories, tags. pdfs, excel, word

with subsecond response times

with check box, radio box, price slider, date slider, price range, select, select2, and colour picker

For Media, Shop, Forum, University

Fast and accurate search for any kind of WordPress and WooCommerce

Insanely fast search

WPSOLR is a technological leap in the WordPress World.

World's first

Elasticsearch and Solr are the mightiest search technologies in the world.

WPSOLR is the only plugin that can integrate with both Solr and Elasticsearch.

10-100 times cheaper

Keep your budget under control. No "Pay as you go" nonsense.

100% Plugin

WPSOLR is a cheap, fixed price, high-tech WordPress plugin.
It can be 10-100 times more affordable than some hosted search solutions.
Compare pricing

Second to none support

We are famous for our support. Fast, and effective.

Forums. Not zendesk.

We use forums for a good reason: everyone can search in our forums and find a solution.
Visit our forums

30 seconds

This is what you need to "kick the tires"

This WordPress site is powered by WPSOLR. Yes, we like to eat our own dog food. When a new release is delivered, it is automatically installed on this site. Isn’t it a great sign of confidence?

Integrate with your favorite

Plugins & themes

When you buy WPSOLR, you get automatically all our add-ons. No extra fee. Is it great or what?

Image WooCommercew.png of WPSOLR - World-Class WordPress Search Plugin
Image yoastw.png of WPSOLR - World-Class WordPress Search Plugin
Image wpmlw.png of WPSOLR - World-Class WordPress Search Plugin
Image bbpresw.png of WPSOLR - World-Class WordPress Search Plugin
Image toolset.png of WPSOLR - World-Class WordPress Search Plugin
Image listify.png of WPSOLR - World-Class WordPress Search Plugin
Image jobify3.png of WPSOLR - World-Class WordPress Search Plugin


“Great plugin! Have used it to index over 1 million data in a custom WP application and the results have been fantastic. The support too, even though it is free, is very responsive and if there is a feature request it is for sure added in next releases of the plugin.“ Overall, kudos to your team for bringing out such a plugin and making SOLR integration with WP such a breeze!
Image pexels-photo-1222271-e1564077674675.jpeg of WPSOLR - World-Class WordPress Search Plugin
“The Pro level plugin is robust, with loads of support of the complex search requirements our client requires in their Solr integration. The support offered has also been top-notch!“
Image michael-frattaroli-234665-unsplash-e1564077508375.jpg of WPSOLR - World-Class WordPress Search Plugin
“Outstanding plugin. Been using WordPress for a long time now, but never commented on any plugin. I created a account just to give this plugin a 5 star review. Not just because the plugin works as advertised, but also because of the outstanding support given by the author. Great job.“
Image pexels-photo-253758-e1564077754721.jpeg of WPSOLR - World-Class WordPress Search Plugin

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