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Super-sonic Searches

Website visitors don’t have time to wait for your site search. They want results now. WPSOLR delivers better results, faster to your site visitors.

Pinpoint Accuracy & Relevancy

Even if you have millions of products or posts, WPSOLR ensures your visitors find exactly what they want.
And it is fast, super fast, in all conditions, thanks to Solr and Elasticsearch.

Filters Galore

Need to let visitors filter products? We’ve got you covered! WPSOLR lets you set up a nearly infinite number of product filters such as category, manufacturer, price, size, and more.


WPSOLR has an advanced SEO infrastructure, which means Google can crawl search results without punishing your site for duplicate content.

Search Anything

Yes, we mean anything — PDFs, post type, custom fields, taxonomies, Woocommerce product attributes, ACF fields. There’s no limit to what WPSOLR can index.

Customizable style & sort

WPSOLR is fully customizable and allows your visitors to quickly sort search results.

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What our users have to say

“Great plugin! Have used it to index over 1 million data in a custom WP application and the results have been fantastic. The support too, even though it is free, is very responsive and if there is a feature request it is for sure added in next releases of the plugin.“ Overall, kudos to your team for bringing out such a plugin and making SOLR integration with WP such a breeze!"amathur - Awesome Plugin!
“Simply amazing . Flexible, well thinked and designed. Great plugin implementation. Great maintenance. I do not know if it is clear enough: GREAT!“vcapoccia - SIMPLY AMAZING
“Great plugin - outstanding support! Solr can be a bit tricky but this plugin makes it very simple to use on your WP site.“trident60 - OUTSTANDING SUPPORT!
“The Pro level plugin is robust, with loads of support of the complex search requirements our client requires in their Solr integration. The support offered has also been top-notch!“mwf_oms - Great Plugin and Solid Support
“Outstanding plugin. Been using WordPress for a long time now, but never commented on any plugin. I created a account just to give this plugin a 5 star review. Not just because the plugin works as advertised, but also because of the outstanding support given by the author. Great job.“Wietzej89 - OUTSTANDING PLUGIN

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