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WordPress & WooCommerce AI search plugin for Weaviate

WordPress search super-charged with Weaviate vector search

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Super-charge your search with neural network vector search

Remove all limitations by using the mighty powers of Weaviate. Enjoy BERT, GPT-3, Question & Answers with unparalleled simplicity. And from WPSOLR 22.3, use views to split your search among several search engines. For instance, Weaviate for Q&A or CLIP image search, and the rest with OpenSearch, Algolia, Solr, Solr Cloud, or Elasticsearch.

Image startup-1.png of Weaviate (AI/Vector search)

1-2-3 ready!

No need to be a technical wizard. You are just a few clicks away from a complete new Deep Neural search experience. 

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Hosted or not hosted?

Choose to install your own Weaviate. Or find a hosting service among the many already certified (soon)

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Why an AI search for WordPress and WooCommerce?

AI search can bring significant benefits to WordPress and WooCommerce websites by enhancing the search functionality and improving user experience. Here are some reasons why AI search is valuable for these platforms:

1. Improved relevance: AI-powered search algorithms can understand user intent and context more effectively than traditional keyword-based searches. By analyzing user behavior, click-through rates, and other data, AI search can deliver more relevant search results, increasing user satisfaction and engagement.

2. Enhanced user experience: AI search can provide a more intuitive and user-friendly search experience. It can offer features like autocomplete suggestions, typo correction, synonyms, and advanced filtering options, helping users find the desired products or content quickly and easily.

3. Personalization: AI search can leverage user data, such as browsing history, purchase behavior, and preferences, to deliver personalized search results. By understanding individual users’ interests, AI search can show them more relevant products or content, increasing the likelihood of conversion and customer satisfaction.

4. Natural language processing: AI search can interpret and understand natural language queries, allowing users to search using everyday language instead of relying on specific keywords. This capability enables more accurate and precise search results, mimicking human-like interactions and improving the overall user experience.

5. Scalability: AI search systems can handle large volumes of data efficiently and scale to accommodate growing websites or e-commerce platforms. As your WordPress or WooCommerce site expands, AI search can continue to deliver fast and accurate results, ensuring a seamless search experience for your users.

6. Insights and analytics: AI search can provide valuable insights into user behavior, search patterns, and popular queries. This information can help website owners and administrators understand user preferences, identify trends, and optimize their content or product offerings accordingly.

By leveraging AI search capabilities, WordPress and WooCommerce websites can offer a more intelligent and personalized search experience, leading to increased user satisfaction, improved conversions, and ultimately, a more successful online presence.

Use large models from Pay As You Go APIs

In the past few years, the machine learning landscape was shaken from the ground with Transformers models, like BERT and GPT-3.

Some companies worked hard to make those models available to small businesses, thanks to Pays as you Go APIs:

OpenAI, HuggingFace, Cohere

Search WordPress media library with CLIP models

Would it be nice to retrieve your puppies and kittens images among tens of thousands of untagged images from the WordPress media library search bar?

This would be a game changer for your back-office team, wasting hours every single day browsing and scrolling for images without titles or descriptions or even tags…

And without the tedious task of tagging them all?

And in 50+ languages!

Yes indeed, this is now possible !

As promised, here is the first implementation of SeMI Technologies Weaviate Hugging Face multi2vec-clip vector image search inside the WordPress media library.

In the video, you can watch the upload of 4 images in the media library. Each image is indexed in real-time in a Weaviate multi2vec-clip docker instance. After that, just some fun playing with keywords like “cat”, “kitten with sunglasses”, “puppy eyes”, “wings”, “spectacles” and so on…

Question Answering with qna transformer models

Add Question Answering suggestions anywhere on your site, for any post type. For instance, on a forum search box, or a support search box.

Use any qna transformer model form Hugging Face that best suits your data.

Image wpsolr-weaviate-new-index.png of Weaviate (AI/Vector search)

Manage your own Weaviate schema

Create and delete indexes with one click.

Automatically install the index mappings and settings, uuid keys and other technical stuff.

Image wpsolr-weaviate-graphql-console.png of Weaviate (AI/Vector search)

Tune indexes, only if you want it

Connect to your GraphQL console to control your search.

Set Retrievers, Vectorizers, Readers, Generators in docker.

Integrate with OpenAI Embeddings, Huggingface Transformers, deepset’s Haystack, DocArray from Jina AI.

Image wpsolr-facets.png of Weaviate (AI/Vector search)
Image wpsolr-flatsome-demo-facets.png of Weaviate (AI/Vector search)

Semantic search, but with advanced e-commerce features


No compromise. Keep using your favourite WooCommerce features like faceting, sorting, pagination, suggestions.


Image wpsolr-admin-index-post.png of Weaviate (AI/Vector search)

Choose your data


Choose post types, taxonomies, and custom fields to search.

Manage custom field types, and conversion errors.


Image wpsolr-weaviate-multiple-indices.png of Weaviate (AI/Vector search)

Multi indexes


Choose among several indexes.

Useful for multi-languages, or testing.

Image wpsolr-admin-index-buttons.png of Weaviate (AI/Vector search)

Control Indexing


Click on one button to index, re-index, or delete your data.

Choose Incremental or full reindexing. 

Index in real-time, or not.

Index by batches, and select the batch size.

Show debugging informations for troubleshooting.

Image wpsolr-weaviate-indexing.png of Weaviate (AI/Vector search)

Index what you need


Choose post types and taxonomies to index, re-index, or delete.