Solr and SolrCloud

WordPress search super-charged with Solr

Test WPSOLR + Solr

You can download the test version of Solr search.
Your test domain must be dev.*, test.*, staging.*, or localhost.
No payment
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Super-charge your search

Remove all limitations by using the mighty powers of Solr. Enjoy infinite scalability and lightning speed in no-time.

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1-2-3 ready!

No need to be a technical wizard. You are just a few clicks away from a complete new search experience. 

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Hosted or not hosted?

Choose to install your own Solr. Or find a hosting service among the many already certified.

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Manage your own Solr indexes

Create and delete indexes with one click.

Automatically install the index schema and settings.

By default, the English analyser is configured.

Image wpsolr-solr-admin-ui.png of Feature - Solr

Tune Solr indexes, only if you want it


Connect to your Solr admin dashboard to control your search.

Set your own analysers and languages.

Define custom schemas and plugins.

Image wpsolr-admin-index-post.png of Feature - Solr

Choose your data


Choose post types, taxonomies, and custom fields to search.

Manage custom field types, and conversion errors.


Image wpsolr-admin-solr-multi-indexes.png of Feature - Solr

Multi indexes


Choose among several indexes.

Useful for multi-languages, or testing.

Image wpsolr-admin-index-buttons.png of Feature - Solr

Control Indexing


Click on one button to index, re-index, or delete your data.

Choose Incremental or full reindexing. 

Index in real-time, or not.

Index by batches, and select the batch size.

Show debugging informations for troubleshooting.

Image wpsolr-admin-index-choose-post-types.png of Feature - Solr

Index what you need


Choose post types and taxonomies to index, re-index, or delete.


Image wpsolr-index-solrcloud.png of Feature - Solr

OpenSolr Hosted indexes

Image opensolr_logo-150x41.png of Feature - Solr


Manage your OpenSolr indexes.

Image wpsolr-index-searchstax.png of Feature - Solr

SearchStax Hosted indexes

Image searchstax-logo.png of Feature - Solr


Manage your SearchStax indexes.


Image wpsolr-index-solrfarm.png of Feature - Solr

SolrFarm Hosted indexes

Image solrfarm.jpg of Feature - Solr


Manage your SolrFarm indexes.

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