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WordPress Recombee Recommendations plugin

GREATLY ImprOVE your WordPress Conversion rate using Recombee

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Empower your Platform with AI Personalization

Each one of your visitors is unique. Let an AI learn more about them by sending events so your users can receive the most relevant content or products.

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1-2-3 ready!

No need to be a technical wizard. Lightning fast support response time and easy setup process let’s you take control of your user experience faster.

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Countless templates to choose from

No need for a designer or developer. You can just choose one of our many ready-made templates that need little to no customization.

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Recombee case studies

Learn if Recombee is the right fit for you.

Check out their official impressive case studies to discover how they helped customers in similar positions as you.

Make your recommendations blend in effortlessly

WPSolrs large selection of templates will allow the Recombee recommendations to fit right in with the rest of your content.

Simply select the right one for your from a drop-down list.

Recombee pricing

Recombee is one of the most affordable recommendation engines for small websites. It even offers a free tier.