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WPSOLR PRO is built with WPSOLR as it’s core, plus add-ons.

Extensions are groups of features that extends the core capabilities with WordPress actions and filters.

Each extension can be individually activated, deactivated, and configured.

How to find add-ons ?

They are all placed in the tab “Activate Extensions”, but some of their configuration can be found in other tabs.

Extensions menu dashboard

Extensions menu dashboard

Here is how the add-ons dashboard work on the previous screen:

  1. Click on the main add-ons tab to open the extensions dashboard
  2. Click on the add-on you want to setup on the left menu
  3. A screen displays the configuration options for the add-on selected


How to unlock add-ons ?

Unlocking an add-on is a two-steps process. You first have to activate your add-on license. And then you must activate the add-on .


How to activate an add-on license ?

Open the license activation popup window

Open the license activation popup window

The procedure to activate your add-on license:

  1. Click to open your add-on settings. Notice the icon plus, which indicates that the extension is not activated and not authorized.
  2. Click on the icon warning to open the license activation popup window.
  3. Enter the license# you received by email after buying your WPSOLR PRO license.
  4. Or use this button to buy a WPSOLR PRO license.
  5. This link redirects you to the pricing page of the WPSOLR PRO license.


After activating your license, you should see a confirmation like this :

Confirmation icon that an extension license is activated

Confirmation icon that an extension license is activated


How to activate an add-on ?

Once your add-on license is active, you can finally activate the add-on itself.

It’s quite simple: just select the checkbox, and save.

Here is the procedure:

Extension activation

Extension activation

  1. Select the activation checkbox
  2. Save
  3. Notice that the activated add-on shows now a new icon!

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