How to activate WPSOLR PRO ?

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Important: if you already installed the free plugin WPSOLR, then you’ll need to deactivate it in your WordPress plugins admin page.


First, you must have bought a WPSOLR PRO subscription.

You should have received a confirmation email from Avangate, and one from us to sign in to your Gotosolr account, and another one from us with a link to your WPSOLR PRO file download and your license#. If not, contact us with the chat box.

Now, you are ready to activate the packs you bought with your subscription.

1) Download the plugin file wpsolr-pro.zip.

By now, you should have received an email containing a link to download the plugin. Click on the link, and notice the location of the wpsolr-pro.zip file on your computer.


Email containing a link to download WPSOLR PRO file


2) Install the plugin.

Do it with your usual way, either by file copy or file upload.

Then activate the plugin.


3) Retrieve your plugin license.

You can retrieve your license code, either within the email described above, or by browsing in your account as described below.

Login to your gotosolr account

If this is your first subscription (Gotosolr or wpsolr subscription), we sent you an email with a link to connect to your account.

The email should contain something like:

Hello your_email@company.com,

To set your password, click here: https://admin.gotosolr.com/#/reset-password-confirmation?code=2f1f56-1591-23d3-c824-04ttbf9ddfd8f&lng=en

If not, contact us with the chat box.

If this is not your first subscription, you can login to your gotosolr account as usual.

Open your account (go to “search accounts” first, as you can have several accounts), then your subscriptions

Image wpsolr_pack_license_number_account.png of How to activate WPSOLR PRO ?

Copy your license#

Copy the license# (last column as shown on the above image), not the subscription#.


4. Activate your license with the previously copied license activation code

Open the extensions tab, and activate all the packs bought with your subscription. If your subscription includes all packs, all packs will be activated simultaneously.

Validate your license's Premium pack.

Validate your license’s Premium pack.

Click on the icon to open a popup window.

Image wpsolr_pack_activate_license_code.png of How to activate WPSOLR PRO ?

Paste your license code


After the activation, the popup will close, and a green icon should be displayed.


Browse the licenses previously activated

Image wpsolr_pack_list_activated_licenses.png of How to activate WPSOLR PRO ?

Browse the licenses previously activated

5) Deactivate the free plugin WPSOLR

If you already installed the free plugin WPSOLR, then you’ll need to deactivate it in your WordPress plugins admin page. Else you will get conflicts between WPSOLR and WPSOLR PRO.

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