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  • Instant A/B testing of six world-class search engines
  • Search millions of text, images and concepts with vector databases at record speed
  • Prevent ChatGPT hallucinations by answering from your client data

Not ready for AI ?
We also provide the best keyword search available

Accurate Results: The AI algorithms are trained to understand natural language and match search queries to relevant products with high accuracy, reducing the need for manual searches.
Lightning-Fast Search: AI-powered search provides instant results, allowing customers to quickly find the products they're looking for, even on large e-commerce sites.
Search with Large Language Models (like BERT) from OpenAI GPT-3, HuggingFace, Cohere.
Increased Sales: Faster and more accurate search results lead to increased conversions and sales, helping you to grow your online business.
Additionally, AI-powered search can provide valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to drive growth.

Transform your online store with our AI-Powered search for WooCommerce

Say goodbye to manual and time-consuming searches and hello to lightning-fast and accurate results.

Advanced search algorithm powered by AI technology ensures that your customers can find what they're looking for quickly and easily.

Enhance the user experience on your website and drive sales with our AI-Powered search for WooCommerce.

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"This premium plugin promises fast and accurate
search results for your WordPress or WooCommerce site"
"How to Configure Elasticsearch on WordPress
on Cloudways"
"Turbocharge Your WordPress Search Using Solr"
"Enterprise Search with Apache Solr and WordPress"
More than a million pages !

CartoChrome has been transformed because of the scalability WPSOLR has made it. Their customer service is amicable. Right now, CartoChrome has more than a million pages and we are working on scaling it more thanks to WPSOLR. I recommend WPSOLR to anyone trying to take their search website to the next level! Thanks, Patrice!
WPSOLR made our WooCommerce business possible!

Without WPSOLR it would not be possible for us to scale in such a manner with half a million products. It made our business possible! Don’t look further if you need lightning fast searches and filtering in a WooCommerce shop, that can scale to millions of products. 5 Star rating, impeccable!
Search in 100+ languages, without translations

Your blog or WooCommerce shop is visible worldwide. Why should your visitors forced to speak English?

Choose a multilingual AI model like Cohere, and let your customers query your product catalog in their native language.

For instance, languages supported with Cohere multilingual model:

Afrikaans | Amharic | Arabic | Assamese | Azerbaijani | Belarusian | Bulgarian | Bengali | Tibetan | Bosnian | Catalan | Cebuano | Corsican | Czech | Welsh | Danish | German | Greek | English | Esperanto | Spanish | Estonian | Basque | Persian | Finnish | French | Frisian | Irish | Scots_gaelic | Galician | Gujarati | Hausa | Hawaiian | Hebrew | Hindi | Hmong | Croatian | Haitian_creole | Hungarian | Armenian | Indonesian | Igbo | Icelandic | Italian | Japanese | Javanese | Georgian | Kazakh | Khmer | Kannada | Korean | Kurdish | Kyrgyz | Latin | Luxembourgish | Laothian | Lithuanian | Latvian | Malagasy | Maori | Macedonian | Malayalam | Mongolian | Marathi | Malay | Maltese | Burmese | Nepali | Dutch | Norwegian | Nyanja | Oriya | Punjabi | Polish | Portuguese | Romanian | Russian | Kinyarwanda | Sinhalese | Slovak | Slovenian | Samoan | Shona | Somali | Albanian | Serbian | Sesotho | Sundanese | Swedish | Swahili | Tamil | Telugu | Tajik | Thai | Turkmen | Tagalog | Turkish | Tatar | Uighur | Ukrainian | Urdu | Uzbek | Vietnamese | Wolof | Xhosa | Yiddish | Yoruba | Chinese | Zulu |

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Typo tolerance with AI

What is most frustrating that showing a potential customer no results, just for a typo or a mispelling?

Well, our search AI is able to recover from almost all possible typo errors without sweating.

No more “No results”. Ever.

No long training or tuning. It works instantly because our AIs understand your language.

Search concepts rather than keywords. No synonyms needed.

Search by keywords is very good when your catalog contains the keywords.


But many times search by keywords cannot retrieve your products. 


With AI searching concepts rather than keywords, your visitors will always get results. Because your catalog contains many more concepts than keywords.


Therefore, synonyms are not needed anymore: the AI search  already masters your language, including synonyms, stemming, stop words, N-Grams, and so on.


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Search images

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Search with keywords only


Image search with AI

Often, an image is worth a thousand words.

When you are a retailer, search are often disappointing because images in results does not match the keywords.

Showing images of red socks instead of stripped multicolored socks containing a touch of red is not good enough for your visitors.

A new AI named “CLIP” was trained to match images from text queries.

Even better, you can define how much the search should be close to product images or close to product texts.

Not only your product featured image is matched, but also all images included in your texts, internal links and external links.


Our search plugin was built to keep working in the most demanding situations

Your search will never slow down thanks to world-class integration to search engines like Elasticsearch, OpenSearch, Solr and Algolia.
Do not miss any market with 50+ languages preconfigured.
No time wasted thanks to included extensions for WooCommerce, bbPress, WPML, Polylang, ACF PRO, Toolset, Yoast and more.
Speed up your favourite grids plugin: Elementor, Toolset Views.
Automate your tagging with A.I. from texts and images.
Works great for both small businesses or multinationals with ready-to-use setup and extensible features

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Find out for yourself with our live 20+ search demos

10+ times faster on suggestions

Going from 10 seconds down to 200ms is not a small achievement. And it was quite easy with Elasticsearch and WPSOLR.


90% of the video is spent on the slowest version of this website.

Only a few seconds to display the same queries and suggestions on the new Elasticsearch versions.


A bbPress Forum with 3 million topics and millions of visitors

WPSOLR is used with Apache Solr and the bbPress extension at this Estonian Midwives Organization Forum.
More than 3 million topics are currently indexed, with millions of visits every year. 

Sub-second custom built filters on 30,000+ vehicules

Really impressive work on this site, with tens of custom filters and a response time under the second.


Make MyListing search fly with one million listings


Another MyListing client came to us because his site was unable to cope with his million listings.
Not only the search was slow, but also the home page and the Yoast sitemaps.
We modified our MyListing add-on, and now the client site is flying, even with one million listings.

Improve accuracy of MyListing search results

A MyListing client came to our Studio because he couldn’t find listings with enough accuracy: some custom fields where not searched at all. 
We had to build a full add-on, because myListing is not using the standard archive search.
Now, with the new add-on, our client visitors can search in every bit of information related to the listings.

Extract 4,000 images texts from a French Grocery site

The customer took 4,000 images of the Grocery’s store products.
The products are imported (synchronized) from a Kezia II cash register software, into the WooCommerce shop “Magasin Bio à La Teste de Buch“. 
Images are then uploaded in the media library.

How one can match the images to the product titles, so to upload the correct image to the product images gallery?

By extracting the image texts (OCR), using the WPSOLR add-on for Google Vision API.
Then by indexing the mages in Elasticsearch with their OCR texts.
After that, opening the media library and looking for “Wine Bordeaux 2019” returns the images that need to be attached to the related product.

Custom ranking

A client came to us because he noticed that his search was often ranking old posts in first positions. Which is not so good for a newspaper.
On the other hand, sorting by date was showing irrelevant posts in first positions.
So, we built a new add-on based on a decay feature of Elasticsearch. This feature enables to rank results according to both their accuracy and their dates. Even better, the ratio accuracy/date can be fine tuned in the WPSOLR admin.

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Do not feel lost, with our expert support

Studio WPSOLR is the team behind WPSOLR, our flagship search plugin for WordPress & WooCommerce.

The Studio cumulates years of experience in development and configuration for:

  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Elementor PRO
  • Search
  • Elasticsearch
  • Solr
  • Algolia

Our WPSOLR search plugin is probably the most flexible and scalable on the market. It fits 99% of our customers needs.

But sometimes, one needs a bit of extra hand to reach the perfect experience.

We can help you:

  • Rebuild your whole site to reach better SEO and conversions
  • Use Elementor PRO, ACF PRO, and a bit of PHP/JS/CSS to build any custom plugin (CRM, private client area, membership, …)
  • Build a new Search & Filters UI
  • Write and connect custom Query
  • Review performance
  • Tune relevancy with custom ranking