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WordPress recommendation plugin

Automate sales funnel growth
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WordPress search plugin

Power search at any scale
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WordPress personalization plugin

Personalize each visitor experience like a VIP
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Thrive Under Pressure.

Your WordPress site should never slow down or crash because your business grows.

As our study shows, WordPress and other plugins cannot maintain speed when more posts, pages or products are added.

Or when a cohort of visitors suddenly arrives.

But our plugins can.

Rely on the team powering sites with millions of monthly visits.

Some WordPress sites are too big to fail, and require a dedicated solution for their search and conversions.

This is where WPSOLR shines, as it can sustain any load, even during the Black Friday.

Ready to scale your funnel conversions?

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Convert with 100% automation

Choose AI recommendations like best sellers, cross-sell, similar content, similar image.

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Personalize content for each visitor

Personalised search and AI recommendations to further increase conversions.

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Incredible speed and relevancy

Relevant answers from search and AI search, remaining fast under heavy loads.

Our clients count on the quality of our plugins.

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Proven in battle

Our plugins are fast and relevant on sites with millions of products, posts and visitors.

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Battery included

Seamless integration to dozens of search engines and recommendation engines.

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WordPress only

Post types, taxonomies, custom fields, images, pdf files, and all types of WordPress data.

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Super adaptable

Dozens of extensions, filters, actions, widgets, shortcodes and options to adapt to all situations.

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