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Complete WordPress site search solution

Battle tested

Fast and relevant on sites with hundreds of thousands of products and posts.

Largest choice

WPSolr is the WordPress site search plugin that is compatible with the most searches. Tired of your current search engine, switch to another one in 30 minutes or less.

Made for WordPress

Automatically index post types, taxonomies, custom fields, images, Pdf files and any other type of WordPress data.

Highly versatile

WPSolr has included dozens of extensions, filters, actions and options to adapt to all situations.

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What are the different types of search in WPSolr ?

Keyword search is the most simple and least intensive form of search. Most of the traditional keyword search engines are based on the Apache Lucene library. These search engines will try to match the words in the query to words in the indexed documents.

Semantic search, or vector search, is a more intensive form of search that uses AI to understand the context and intent of the sentences or words in the query and tries to find the most relevant results based on the aforementioned context, not the literal matches of the words.

Image search allows you to use the power of AI to return items based on the image’s content that matches the text in the search queries.

The user asks a question and will receive a generated text based on the relevent indexed documents or data. 

Searching with 100 languages is no longer a dream. With AI you can now send queries in spanish or french and return relevant english objects.

Personalized search is a type of search that leverages AI to analyze individual users’ actions on your website to surface the most relevant content to them, whether they search or navigate.

Choose the best search engine adapted to your needs

Recommendation engines

Increase conversions

Recommendations can increase CTR by up to 70%

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Personalize with user history

Send user events to get accurate suggestions personalized for each visitor


Recommendation models

Choose recommendation models like similar items, most trendy, best seller, bought with …

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