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Setup WPSOLR and Algolia

From WPSOLR 21.8.

This video suppose you already have an account at Algolia.

You will see how to create an Algolia index for WooCommerce with a few clicks. There are many more details in the video. This guide just shows the index creation and indexing.


What is Algolia?

Algolia is a managed service to host your search indexes. You get a subscription and let the service manage your indexes on your behalf. No need of manpower, or servers, anymore.

Here is the video tutorial:

1 – Signup for a free account at Algolia


2 – Create the Algolia index from WPSOLR admin

2.1 The WPSOLR new index form

Image wpsolr-admin-algolia-new-index.png of Create an Algolia index

Algolia: new index

  •  (1), (2), then (3) to edit a new index
  • (4) Select “Algolia” among index types
  • (5) Select “Algolia” among Hosting Services
  • (6) Set a name for you index, visible in WPSOLR admin
  • (7) Set a name for your index, visible in Algolia admin
  • (8) Copy your Algolia Application ID
  • (9) Copy your Algolia Admin API Key
Image wpsolr-admin-algolia-dashboard-api-keys.png of Create an Algolia index

Algolia: API Keys


  • (10) Copy your Algolia Read-Only API Key
  • (11) Create the index. Done!
    Image wpsolr-admin-algolia-index-created.png of Create an Algolia index

    Algolia: index created


2.2 Select your data

2.3 Index your data

Image wpsolr-admin-algolia-indexing.png of Create an Algolia index

Algolia: index indexed


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