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  • wpsolr
    4 years ago #17634

    Can you activate the Elasticsearch trace mode “Log the search engine queries?” in screen 2.1?

    Then check your debug.log for the query in error.

    4 years ago #17635

    It is currently activated, however we still cant reach the debug.log. We do see in the console this error appearing

    s-happy+socks?orderby=algoritme_score_str_desc:3 WPSOLR PRO : an error prevented the search engine query to be executed. To prevent empty results, the default WordPress query is used instead. Please check the error details in your debug.log file. See https://codex.wordpress.org/Debugging_in_WordPress.

    4 years ago #17636

    1) I changed the score field error status to “stop at first error”.

    Then I got this error during indexing:
    “Value 188.0 of field “algoritme_score” of post->ID=294197 (“Happy Socks – Multipack sokken – Meerkleurig”) is not of type “Integer number, sortable”. Check out field’s definition in WPSOLR data settings (tab 2.2) .”

    2) I changed score format to “Real number” (was “Integer”):
    Indexing is going well now. And sort looks fine.

    3) I also added the score as a slider filter. Just to see some scores.

    4 years ago #17638

    Thank you very much, it seems to work now!

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