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  • Dan L
    5 years, 5 months ago #9028

    Hi, I’m currently running a high traffic media site. admin WP connects to a master mysql, while 9 WP on application servers connect to mysql replicator. Public usage mostly on normal page browser, very less search inquiry on database since we have been moved the lookup job to Google CSE.
    To my usage case, wonder if WPSOLR can replace most work on mysql? Does it override functions like get_posts()?
    Since my database quite big after 8 years day to day operation, does WPSOLR provide migration function?


    5 years, 5 months ago #9029


    I understand your requirement is to replace all WordPress MySQL queries with WPSOLR’s Solr or Elasticsearch queries.

    But WPSOLR is a search plugin: it only replaces WP_Query object on the search page. Doing so, it can bring new features like dynamic faceting.

    But all standard WordPress functions, if outside the search page, like get_posts(),  keep using SQL.

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