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Vespa error : “feed: got status 507”

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Table of contents :

When trying to deploy your Vespa application and index your documents, you could receive the following error :


feed: got status 507 ({"pathId":"/document/v1/mynamespace/music/docid/hardwired-to-self-destruct","id":"id:mynamespace:music::hardwired-to-self-destruct","message":"[UNKNOWN(251009) @ tcp/a9a1e3304702:19112/default]: ReturnCode(NO_SPACE, External feed is blocked due to resource exhaustion: in content cluster 'music': disk on node 0 [a9a1e3304702] is 93.9% full (the configured limit is 75.0%). See "}) for put id:mynamespace:music::hardwired-to-self-destruct: not retryable


This is because the disk space is almost full (in this case 93.9%). When the nodes reach a certain limit, the nodes block external write operations.


By default Vespa sets it’s disk space limit at 0.75 (75%).  You can increase it by adding the following lines to the ‘services.xml’ file in your Vespa application package, more precisely inside the ‘<content>’ tag :




This sets the disk limt to 98%.


This was just a quick fix, the most recommended method is to create a new node in the cluster.

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