Implementing Vespa search for WooCommerce – Part 4

(Following Part 3)

The coding of document indexing operations for Vespa is now complete. One can create a new document, update a document, and delete a document, from the WPSOLR admin.

Some details below:

– Vespa does not use server-side batching documents.
WPSOLR will implement it client-side with asynchronous http/2 calls as recommended by Vespa

– Vespa does not use dynamic field names, which would enable to index and search documents with fields not pre-defined in the
To overcome this issue, WPSOLR detect missing fields’ error sent by Vespa to update and redeploy the schema accordingly. This is important because some document fields like ‘_price’ may(not) be added by optional WPSOLR add-ons like WooCommerce

– Vespa provides a documents deletion from query (named ‘selection’), which is really nice

– WPSOLR removes non printable characters like 0x1, which are rejected by Vespa

Next step: queries !


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