Multi-modal WooCommerce search: Elasticsearch orders + Weaviate Cohere products + Weaviate CLIP media.

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— Current solution —
Just finished upgrading a WooCommerce client, who already had a front-end products multi-lingual Weaviate + Cohere search, and also a 200,000 orders/coupons Elasticsearch admin search.

— Needs —
The client’s team had troubles searching in thousands of unlabelled media images.

— New solution —
After upgrading the Weaviate Kubernetes cluster to enable the CLIP module, we indexed the thousands of images. This was relatively fast, on CPUs.

— Results —
Now the team can search images from their content, rather than from titles and captions.

This was done thanks to the WPSOLR “views”, each setup with a dedicated index.

WPSOLR + Weaviate + Cohere + CLIP:

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