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  • john_smith_92
    2 months ago #38282

    I have a free Cloud Base Algolia account for my website. is it enough to to have this for WPSOLR PRO?
    we want deep search over posts and a few custom post types.
    for example when a user types a question, AI answers to the question based on the documents available in the website. For example if the user asks for a specific step in a set up process, AI searches over documents and for example it finds a paragraph of a document as the answer to that question, so it shows the user that paragraph as answer.
    is it possible with algolia free account or we should have Premium Account of Algolia?

    2 months ago #38283

    AI search, named Algolia NeuralSearch, is only available with Algolia’s Elevate plan and WPSOLR Enterprise.

    For keyword search, the Algolia Free plan will work with WPSOLR Pro. Just verify that the limits (3 search queries/second, 10,000 search queries/month) will be enough.

    Anyway, you can try the free Algolia plan with the free WPSOLR Pro trial to check by yourself.

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