Release 18.1

  • wpsolr
    5 years, 3 months ago #10302

    * (Theme extension) New option to use the current theme with Ajax (screen 2.1).
    * (Theme extension) New facet layout ‘Color picker’. You can now filter results clicking on colored icons.
    * (Theme extension) New grid selection (horizontal, 1 column, 2 columns) on facet layouts.
    * (WooCommerce extension) Fix a front-end search error when the option “Replace orders search by wpsolr” is selected.
    * (Premium extension) Fix the screen 2.4 (facets) freeze when a post type contains many terms.
    * (Premium extension) Fix the partial match option when the search contains several keywords. For Apache Solr and Elasticsearch.
    * (WPML extension) Fix taxonomies being indexed in the admin current WPML language, rather than the index WPML language.
    * Fix Elasticsearch error on post deletion
    * Fix Elasticsearch boosts
    * Get attachments in the current theme results.

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