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  • jnears
    1 month, 2 weeks ago #38484


    I have noticed that new posts are not automatically indexed. I need to click the button to index them manually.

    We are using version 23.4 of WPSOLR.

    I have NOT checked the box to disable real-time indexing.

    The posts are a combination of manually added by site editors (news, events, etc.) and posts created via nightly import from an external XML feed. The content from the XML feed is imported using the WP All Import module (called via a cron job).

    I noticed there is an Extension for the WP ALL Import module. Should I use this for the posts called from the external feed, or should I refer to this post: As I currently don’t have dev version of the site with WP Solr installed I don’t want to make too many changes.

    Regarding the manually added posts, I read on one of your support posts that version 23.6 might fix this issue?

    Many thanks


    1 month, 1 week ago #38486

    This will be fixed with Release 23.6

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