need to index woo products out of WP DB… in translated languages

  • nikketrikke
    1 year, 8 months ago #30641

    I use gtranslate to translate pages
    the pages are stored on their servers so not in my internal wp DB
    the sitemaps are:
    the main in english created by yoast
    the other translated created by gtranslate using the yoast main one
    and creates the /it /de /fr /es for translations
    i need to know using your indexing service and plugin for wordpress if can index all the sitemaps internal (english)
    external the other languages store them and make possible the search for terms inside wordpress/woocommerce..
    need only for products
    intelligent search with synonim if possible and bad/wrong words e.g. iphonne caver index iphone cover

    1 year, 8 months ago #30642

    What you describe is an external crawler that indexes the translated pages (similar to Google)

    But WPSOLR only searches data stored in WordPress, to be able to produce WooCommerce product attribute facets for instance.

    WPSOLR 22.3 released a new search engine: Weaviate.
    Weaviate can be configured with multi-language models (some with more than a hundred), which perhaps could be able to retrieve English (or other language) contents from many other languages queries. But this is highly speculative, and would be a project on its own. Furthermore, large models are costly to host.

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