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    Download WPSOLR 22.3 >>

    Tested with PHP 7.4

    * (New) “Views” to define sections of your site search that can be entirely configured with a specific search engine.
    Search engines have their own strength, weaknesses and features.This is why using several search engines on your WordPress or WooCommerce for different purposes was a dream, at least until now…
    For instance:
    – Suggestions with BERT Hugging Face Q&A and SeMI Technologies #weaviate vector search
    – WooCommerce shop and product search with #elasticsearch or OpenSearch Project
    – blog with #solr
    – bbPress forums with Algolia !

    * (New) Integration of the Weaviate Vector search engine.
    All text features are available:
    – Any Weaviate module or vectorizer ( text2vec-contextionary, text2vec-transformers, text2vec-openai, qna-transformers)
    – Suggestions with Questions & Answers (qna-transformers )
    – Vector search with facets and sort (inverted index aggreagations, filters, and sort)
    – Integrated with “Views” to be able to use Weavaite on some sections of your site search (for instance only on suggestions for Q &A)
    Images search soon (multi2vec-clip, and img2vec-neural)

    * (New) Integrate with Pantheon Search to provide a simplified experience with Pantheon’s Solr add-on.

    * (New) Possibility to index, search and filter relations on any taxonomy or custom field for all post types. For instance, define a rating per category or tag for each product in WooCommerce.

    * (New) New option “Show all results” in screen 2.1 to remove the infamous Elasticsearch 10,000 results limit.

    * (New) Possibility to delete all WPSOLR settings on screen “4. Import / Export settings”

    * (Fix) Fix Apache Solr 9.0 schema.xml and solrconfig.xml errors

    * (Fix) Fix OpenSolr 9.0 schema.xml and solrconfig.xml errors

    * (Fix) Fix Elasticsearch boost field values. They should only rescore (reorder), never filter, results

    * (Fix) Fix Elasticsearch children category filters of current category archive

    * (Fix) Fix Elasticsearch deprecated [order => _term] by replacing it with [order=> _key]

    * (Deprecated) Removal of the temporary Elasticsearch index button until a better solution is found.

    * (Fix) Skip unexplained term indexing error: Error on line 149 of file /wpsolr/core/classes/models/post/class-wpsolr-model-post.php: Trying to get property ‘name’ of non-object

    * (Fix) Fix screen 2.2 to prevent saving unselected post type custom fields

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