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  • gruaslima
    1 year, 9 months ago #31037

    I have an issue with Yoast. The slug and the destination url does not match in the search result. I wonder if I need to active or turn off some settings in the search results
    My site is https://seo-sem-peru.com This is the slug arequipa-seo-agencia-seo-arequipa-posicionamiento-web but the search result show the url arequipa-seo-agencia-seo-arequipa-posicionamiento-web/arequipa/
    it adds the word /arequipa if you click the link, sometimes get the image page or the url
    The page was rank on the 1 er page, now it does not show up.
    The question will be if I migrate to all in one seo, Am I going to bring the same proble to the website or how can I delete everything about yoast plugin
    I will appreciate any advice

    1 year, 9 months ago #31057

    I cannot see our plugin on your site.

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