I failed to create a filter for products on sale with WPSOLR+WooCommerce

  • mcl7
    2 years, 2 months ago #28727

    Just so I am clear. I get the error immediately after starting the redindex.

    2 years, 2 months ago #28728

    It looks like some of your variation’s attributes are undefined. Perhaps from an import?

    2 years, 2 months ago #28729

    I worked on this today. You were right, that error was produced by Variable products. Moving the few that I had to draft solved the error. Now though I reindexed everything and it is available within the faceted search widget but the facets do not display (even though products on sale are in the results).
    Im confused at this point because I have deleted all my indices and recreated them but still nothing. What is strange is I just went through a similar process when adding In stock /Out of stock as a facet and didn’t have any problems.

    I have checked algolia and the wpsorl_sale_price is in there and populating accurately. However, it is not being displayed as a facet in the algolia admin. It is showing in the wp widget like mentioned above but the On Sale facet does not display.

    Also, trying to sort the results so that products on sale show up first then products not on sale followed with out-of-stock products but isn’t working either. Primary sort is stock_status asc and then wpsolr_on_sale desc. Does that sound right?

    2 years, 2 months ago #28730

    Is your “on sale” field visible in Algolia’s dashboard?

    2 years, 2 months ago #28731

    They are visible only in each result’s individual record but they are not displayed as facets.

    2 years, 2 months ago #28732

    As I understand:
    – You selected the product’s field “wpsolr_on_sale” as indexed in screen 2.2
    – You reindexed all your products
    – You selected the product’s field “wpsolr_on_sale” in screen 2.4 as a filter

    – “wpsolr_on_sale_str” does not appear in your Algolia’s dashboard index results as a facet
    This is strange, because it should.

    Image wpsolr-algolia-dashboard-on-sale-facet-1024x533.png of

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