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  • smcadams
    5 years, 1 month ago #7136

    Whenever I upload a new PDF file to media library it gets indexed automatically.

    If I don’t want a particular file shown in the index, I can set the option “Do not index in WPsolr” for the media attachment, but it is already indexed on Upload and checking the “Do not index” does not remove the entry from the current index.

    Any suggestion how to remove an existing PDF entry, without re-indexing the entire site each time?

    5 years, 1 month ago #7137

    Remark: the metabox option “Do not index in WPSOLR” was renamed “Do not search” in recent WPSOLR version.

    In recent versions of WPSOLR, just setting the “Do not search” meta box option will remove the post from the index.

    wpsolr admin do not search post metabox

    For previous versions:
    – Trash the post (it will be removed from the index)
    – Re-publish the post with “Do not search” checked (it will not be re-indexed)

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