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  • suyogricha
    1 year, 6 months ago #31126

    1. I am trying to open a startup somehow. I cannot afford 200 USD per year.
    If you can do this 100 USD for lifetime updates, I can buy this.
    Kindly help me.
    2. I cannot use ElasticPress properly as it does not have options to index custom meta fields. Can Wp solr index custom fields of WooCommerce products with ElasticSearch?

    1 year, 6 months ago #31127

    We have only one pricing, which includes all add-ons, search engines, and soon recommendation engines. We provide discounts on license seats volumes only.
    WPSOLR can index, search, filter, and aggregate on WooCommerce custom fields/attributes/taxonomies indeed. With Elasticsearch, Solr, SolrCloud, Algolia, and Weaviate.

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