Configuring Custom Solr Index with Crawled & Injected results

  • duck
    2 years ago #29408

    We are currently migrating from Drupal 7 to WordPress and have purchased about a dozen licenses for our multisite instance to get us started. Our current Drupal + Solr instance pushes our Drupal nodes to the index which in addition has crawled results from our Nutch crawler & manually injected results for our own ASP.NET custom webpages outside of WordPress and some external crawled sites from our educational community. We would like to replicate what we are currently doing but now in WordPress. Is this possible to do currently with the WP Solr plugin, to display additional index results not in WordPress along side those in WordPress with additional facets? If not please reach out for development opportunity, thank you.

    2 years ago #29409

    The standard way to do it would be to inject your crawled data into a WordPress custom post type, rather than into Solr index.
    Then, on your search template results, replace the post type’s permalink with the crawled page external url (stored in a custom field for instance).

    Let me know if this is what you’re looking for.

    2 years ago #29410

    If that is a feasible route to make things work then yes, however, our Solr server & Nutch crawler are not on the same server. We host our WordPress site via Kinsta and our Solr/Nutch server is in-house. I imagine this is still possible it just may require additional technical hurdles to achieve? I like the idea of being able to further tweak our results in a custom post type. I am definitely interested in exploring this option more.

    We may need more assistance in setting up our search template as well, based on my other recent support forum post, to better reflect our existing search results page and work more seamlessly with our Kadence theme which we are using a Kadence Elements Template with hooks on our individual subsites to display results.

    My last questions are cost & timing? Please let me know how we can proceed?

    2 years ago #29411

    I just sent you an invite to a private Trello project.

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