Bug when filtering taxonomy term as a non logged in user

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    Hi there,

    I am currently encountering an issue with the WPSolr plugin, specifically related to its behavior when non-logged-in users attempt to use filters. Despite my efforts to resolve this problem, including switching to an alternative theme, modifying the taxonomy, deactivating all other plugins, and various other troubleshooting steps, I have been unable to rectify the situation.

    Here is the scenario:

    I have a taxonomy named “genre” with a term called “comedy,” and a facet named “actor.” When I, as a logged-in user, visit the following URL, the plugin functions as expected:

    However, when I am logged out, the plugin automatically redirects me to /movies/comedy/, which is not the intended behavior.

    I kindly request your assistance in providing further guidance on how to resolve this issue and also inquire if this behavior is, indeed, a bug within the plugin.

    Thank you for your assistance once again! 🙂

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    Are you using a custom taxonomy and a custom post type in the demo? I think the bug is happening in that scenario only.

    9 months, 2 weeks ago #35813

    Indeed. Product is a custom post type, and product-category is a custom taxonomy, both brought by WooCommerce.

    9 months, 2 weeks ago #35814

    You were right! I’m sorry for the confusion. The Yoast SEO has a new experimental feature called “Remove unregistered URL parameters”. That was causing the bug. Thanks for your support anyway!

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