Add a "Do not search items" in screen 2.2

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    5 years, 6 months ago #6881

    We’ve setup a cross-domain search on three sites.

    site1 and site2 search in their own posts. site3 search in site1, site2, and site3.

    There is a post on site1 that we want to filter out from site3 results. But we need to keep it on site1 results.
    This cannot be done with the screen 2.1’s “Do not index items”, because it can only be used on site1 but then the post disappears from site1 results.

    What we need is a “Do not search items” option on screen 2.2. Then we can use it on site3 to fiter out the site1 post.

    5 years, 6 months ago #6882

    WPSOLR 20.9 has been released.

    If you upgrade your current version, you’ll find a new option “Filter items from search results” in screen 2.2

    Settings filter items from search results

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