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Certified hosting for the non-techies


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Installing can be daunting

The best solution is not always the cheapest. The cheapest solution is to install Elasticsearch or Solr on your WordPress server. 


But when time and skill are lacking, finding a good hosting company is the solution.

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1-2-3 ready!

No need to be a technical wizard. 

Just select your hosting company inside the plugin, and everything will be done for you: index creation and configuration.

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Tested and supported hosting

Find a hosting service among the many already tested. This is a guarantee that your WordPress will connect seamlessly to your chosen hosting company. 

You can of course try your preferred company, the plugin uses the standard Elasticsearch and Solr REST API after all.

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Meet our tested hosting companies for: Elasticsearch, Solr, Algolia.
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Amazon AWS Elasticsearch hosted indexes

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Manage your Amazon AWS indexes.

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Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch hosted indexes

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Manage your Alibaba Cloud indexes.


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Elastic Elasticsearch hosted indexes

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Manage your Elastic indexes.

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Cloudways Elasticsearch hosted indexes

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Manage your Cloudways indexes.


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Bonsai Elasticsearch hosted indexes

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Manage your Bonsai indexes.

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ElasticPress Elasticsearch hosted indexes

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Manage your ElasticPress indexes.


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Compose Elasticsearch hosted indexes

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Manage your Compose indexes.

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ObjectRocket Elasticsearch hosted indexes

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Manage your ObjectRocket indexes.

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Qbox Elasticsearch hosted indexes

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Manage your Qbox indexes.

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Aiven Elasticsearch hosted indexes

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Manage your Aiven indexes.

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OpenSolr Solr Hosted indexes

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Manage your OpenSolr indexes.

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SearchStax SolrCloud Hosted indexes

Image searchstax-logo.png of Feature - Hosting


Manage your SearchStax indexes.


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SolrFarm Solr Hosted indexes

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Manage your SolrFarm indexes.

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Tune Algolia indexes, only if you want it


Connect to your Algolia admin dashboard to control your search.

Set your own languages, synonyms, stop words, typos.