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Integrating Weaviate with other WooCommerce plugins


Table of contents :


Weaviate is an open-source platform for building smart data applications. It allows you to search and connect your data with semantic and contextual understanding. It is useful for businesses that wants to extract information from their large data sets. In this article, we will discuss how you can integrate Weaviate with WooCommerce plugins to add more functionality to your online store.

Integrating Weaviate with WooCommerce Plugins

Integrating Weaviate with WooCommerce can be done using PHP client and the appropriate WooCommerce plugin API. Here are some steps that can help you integrate Weaviate with WooCommerce:

1. Install the PHP client for Weaviate to access its API. You can download the PHP client from

2. Install the appropriate WooCommerce plugin and activate it.

3. Get the API key for Weaviate. You can get the API key from Weaviate dashboard by following these steps:

a. Login to Weaviate dashboard.

b. Click on the “API Keys” tab.

c. Click “Add” to create a new API key.

d. Name the API key and then click “Create”.

4. Use the following code to connect to Weaviate using the PHP client and add a new object with product data. Embed this code inside HTML

How WPSOLR can help

WPSOLR is a search engine plugin for WordPress that can improve the search functionality of your WooCommerce store. It can integrate with Weaviate to provide more accurate search results. Here are some steps to integrate WPSOLR with Weaviate:
1. Install and activate WPSOLR plugin from the WordPress plugin repository.
2. Go to WPSOLR dashboard and click on “Engines” tab.
3. Click on “Add new engine” and select “Weaviate” as the search engine.
4. Enter the Weaviate server URL and API key and click save.
5. Configure the search settings and indexes as per your requirement.
WPSOLR allows you to customize the search functionality of your WooCommerce store and improve the user experience with advanced search settings.


Integrating Weaviate with WooCommerce plugins can be a tedious task but it allows you to add more functionality to your online store. You can use the PHP client to connect with Weaviate and the WPSOLR plugin to improve the search functionality of your store. These integrations can help you extract more value from your data and provide a better user experience for customers.

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