Video - WPSOLR PRO + Directory+ Theme + Elasticsearch

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WPSOLR PRO + Directory+ Theme + Elasticsearch

This video suppose you already have installed a local Elasticsearch.

You will see how to setup WPSOLR PRO to speedup the Directory+ search, including geolocation, with:

What is the “Directory+ Theme” extension ?

Directory+ is made for huge items searches, including geolocation.  As soon as the number of items grows, so is the time to display search results to visitors.

WPSOLR PRO transparently replaces Directory+ searches and sorting with Elasticsearch searches. The best way to speed up items searches, whatever the number of items, even millions.


What is in the video ?

The video shows how to:

  • Import the Directory+ data examples
  • Create and configure automatically an Elasticsearch index
  • Activate and set up the WPSOLR PRO Directory+ Theme extension
  • Browse live searches and filters, including geolocation and distance filters



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