WpSolr incompatibility.

  • landman
    2 years, 6 months ago #27969

    We are looking into the WPSolr plugin to work on landman.re/. While we managed to get the indexing to work into ElasticSearch, we’ve not yet managed to get the searching functionality to work.

    It does trigger a search to ElasticSearch itself, but the content it’s searching for is always empty. So there should be an incompatibility somewhere.

    It’s not possible to get the plugin working – it sends invalid search queries to ElasticSearch due to a mismatch in the type it creates and then tries to search afterwards.

    ElasticSearch has various types of “fields” we can store data as, some can be searched, others cannot – normal “text” fields can’t be searched due to performance issues.

    The WPSolr plugin tries to search on these text fields (that it created by itself), which fails because it’s not allowed to do this. Fundamentally, WPSolr would have to resolve this.

    What we also spotted is that it doesn’t seem to hook correctly into the Toolset code, since the Toolset search query still runs, while it shouldn’t (Since this is what ElasticSearch should do).
    Why can’t we handle searches?

    We hope you can help us out since the issue fundamentally lies in WPSolr’s integration.

    2 years, 6 months ago #27970

    Can you active the WPSOLR’s Elasticsearch query logs in screen 2.1?
    Once you get the query, please execute it in Kibana and try to find out which part is causing empty results.

    2 years, 6 months ago #27971

    The query will return results if “Zoek op adres” is filled (or not filled), but it won’t apply any data from Provincie and Stad dropdowns. Not to mention, it won’t show the results if e.g typing “brussel” into the “Zoeken op adres”, and “1337” into the search index – despite it gets a result: https://paste.lucasrolff.com/bf6a73dc64150c7c66dd6974557e1c48f8436209 – it does show results if just searching for “brussel” in “zoek op adres”.

    But basically any dropdown value isn’t searched.

    2 years, 6 months ago #27972

    The Toolset Views add-on does not work with Toolset search filters.

    It is made to work with WPSOLR’s filters widget, and only for Toolset archive views.

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