WPSOLR extensions not activating on the free deprecated version

  • pseudo visitor
    5 years ago #6392

    I bought WPSOLR WordPress search plugin with the PRO license.

    I installed the plugin, set up everything all right.

    But issues occurred while trying to activate the additional extensions. Nothing happened after entering my license code in the extension’s popup window.

    The extension “YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search (Free)” shows a green cross, whereas other extensions show a red stop symbol.

    5 years ago #6463

    You are using the plugin version 20.0. It is the free, deprecated, community version https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpsolr-search-engine/

    This free version does not include the paid extensions, which integrate WPSOLR search to well-known plugins (ACF, WooCommerce …) and themes (Listify, Jobify …).

    Remove the free plugin, and install the PRO plugin from the download link included in your welcome post-order email. Now you can activate your license, and unlock the WPSOLR extension you bought with your subscription.

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