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  • markus
    3 years, 10 months ago #20822


    I’m using this plugin in my local WordPress environment. I haven’t published my site to production yet so one license has been enough so far. However, I made some cleaning in my local environment and now I cannot reactivate the license again. I haven’t access to old stuff anymore so I cannot remove the license there. I examined if I could deactivate the old site in WP Solr admin panel but there wasn’t an option for that. Could you please remove the license from my old site? The license is associated to my subscription with this email.

    I wonder how could I prevent this kind of situation occur again in future when I haven’t access to the site and plugin configurations? Also, how this plugin is supposed to used with both local development (localhost) and production (different domain)? Do I need additional seats to my subscription or something – is it even possible?

    Thank you.

    3 years, 10 months ago #20823

    localhost does not require a license, if your WPSOLR version is not too old.

    3 years, 10 months ago #20829


    Thank you for your answer!

    My WordPress environment is running on https://localhost:8528 with the latest plugin version. The plugin is still asking a license to be able to use all the features. Do you know if the port is preventing the plugin to recognise I’m using it in local environment?

    Could you still deactivate the license from my subscription because I don’t have access to my old environment anymore?


    3 years, 10 months ago #20830

    Apparently yes, the port prevents localhost to auto-activate.

    I removed your current activation on https://localhost:9555/wp-admin/

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