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  • pacmantech
    5 years, 2 months ago #10046

    On this site I’ve developed for a client, we have a custom filtering setup that filters these products (set up as a custom post type) based on the two dropdown menus in the orange bar.

    This site also had a search functionality present, which returned search results in a similar manner in this grid format.

    Something went wrong with the search functionality in the last few months and the previous developer is unreachable.

    Would WPSOLR be able to replicate this functionality? I believe it will, but want to request feedback on it first. Would appreciate a phone call if at all possible. If the solution works on this site I may buy licenses for other sites I’m developing.

    5 years, 2 months ago #10047

    I understand you built one custom type, and 2 custom pages:
    – /all-products/ : to display all products with a custom filter form
    – /search/ : to display products filtered

    You can use WPSOLR simply by merging your 2 pages code in the standard search.php template (with the standard search loop). Then, instead of copying your custom filters form code, add the filters widget to your search page sidebar.
    Now, you have a single page for your 2 previous actions:
    – /?s to display all products, but also filtered products (with WPSOLR facets widget)
    And you can add more filters by configuration, for instance a date range slider.

    5 years, 2 months ago #10049

    That’s great info, thanks.

    Can WPSOLR output search results in a grid like I have on there now?

    5 years, 2 months ago #10050

    Yes, if you can build your grid in you search.php, with the standard WP loop

    WPSOLR is just intercepting the WP_Query, replace the call to MySQL with a call to Elasticsearch/Solr, and returns the query results transparently to your search loop.

    5 years, 2 months ago #10133

    @wpsolr, please send me an email at the email address on my profile, need your help. Thanks

    5 years, 2 months ago #10134

    If you need a custom work

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