Multisite Network license purchase process

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    We’ve purchased WPSOLR license for one site (Order ID 175792529). Today it was suspended due to payment failure issues. We’ve sent an email to process the payment. Can you please clarify these queries further.
    a. Will you be able to share us quotation (in PDF format) for 35 sites considering bulk volume discount.
    b. Few areas of documentation is not clear such as boosting custom post types, scoring. Will you be able to assist us (Zoom call, private email ) while we implement Search for first one or two sites.
    c. Does the plugin support AWS OpenSearch.

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    d. We’ve configured and indexed a website content, but when we search with a keyword it is resetting to default search results. Not sure what is going wrong here, please suggest.

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    a. Volume pricing is fully detailed on our pricing page
    b. Of course, just create a new topic on this forum. But you must know we do not provide one-to-one support as part of the standard support.
    c. Yes, the plugin supports OpenSearch. We are also currently integrating to Pantheon’s Solr add-on service.

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    Can you please create a new topic for d. ?

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