Multiple issues regarding product category and material and brand

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    4 years, 3 months ago #16799

    Currently I am experiencing multiple issues. On our website, our product categories are displayed weird, it does not show all the categories and displays categories that should not be there.
    For example, in women there are different categories, women clothing women lingerie and nightwear. Those are separate head categories. However, women lingerie is displayed under women clothing, which should not happen.
    And under the bigger categories like jeans, which should separate into smaller categories like skinny fit or straight fit, it does not show these.
    In addition, behind our categories we have a plus or a minus but does not do anything. How can I remove those?
    Also can the order become the order that I have already set in wordpress?

    Last question is regarding the amount of options that I can show. Especially in Brand and material and size there are limited amount of options to choose from, and if I higher this amount the text is always there on my website. How do I fix this?

    I am sorry if it is a big question, already thank you very much for your help!

    4 years, 3 months ago #16801

    (I will answer to the first question here. For the sake of clarity, can you please create other tickets for your other questions?)

    Can you attach here a capture of the problem (use a scree sharing service if necessary)? I cannot figure it out on my own.

    4 years, 3 months ago #16820

    Yes I shall make different tickets and again sorry.
    For the first problem I am not really sure how to attach images here.

    4 years, 3 months ago #17453

    Please add links to an image sharing service.

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