Limit search results to a certain children taxonomy with Hooks

  • prakashreddy.imduri
    4 weeks ago #35483

    Hi, I want to limit a search page results with a hook or any code reference. Without adding any extra parameters to the url, or using the preselect option, bcos preselect option in filters tab adds check mark to the facets in frontend .
    I have 1000 products in a child taxonomy, where I want the search to be limited to those 1000 products. And whatever filers match in the elastic for those 1000 products should come automatically as usual.
    If I don’t have that hidden filter, all the products in that taxonomy page are getting displayed, which I want to limit.

    4 weeks ago #35484

    I do not think you can customize WPSOLR filters without adding parameters to the url, hence pre-selecting the facet.

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