Can this plugin replace the default query?

  • tientq
    # 1 month ago

    Can this plugin replace the default query? For example, I have a website with 1 million products, if I open 1 product page, it will take a few seconds for the website to finish loading. After using wp solr, does the website still get information from the database or solr?

    # 1 month ago

    WPSOLR will replace the default query for archives, like search, taxonomy, author, ….

    In your case, it will replace the 1 million products WooCommerce shop page, product search page, and product category page queries.

    After a query is called on Solr, Elasticsearch, Algolia, or OpensSearch, WPSOLR sends results back to your theme’s standard WP loop to let it display the results as usual.

    Other queries, like all queries called to build the product detail page, are not replaced.

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