Call to wpsolr-api/json/cron/ causes flush of our Redis object cache database

  • webmasterbslnl
    1 year, 10 months ago #29082

    Hi, Next to the WPSolr plugin we also use Redis Object cache plugin (redis-cache). We have WPSOLR index new documents to a SOLR index via a cron job called every half hour. We only recently found that each index job causes the Redis object cache to completely flush. If I stop the crontab executing the wpsolr cron jobs this no longer happens. I don’t understand why. WPSOlr seemed not related to Redis but I found in the code that there is a redis client on board. I also see a greyed out ‘RediSearch (coming soon)’ in the ‘connect your indexes’ tab. Please note that we still use version 21.8 of WPSolr and I should test this with the latest version which may or may not solve it but I can’t do that at this moment. Anyway, is this flushing problem known?

    1 year, 10 months ago #29083

    Latest version 22.2 solved the Redis flush issue. You can install it.

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