Bug: error when deleting index contents (even though deletes successful)

  • mcl7
    2 years ago #22796

    Still trying to get permalinks working and decided to rebuild the index. When trying to delete the contents of an Index even though the index content actually is successfully deleted:
    —-begin error—
    An error or timeout occured.

    Error code: parsererror

    Error message: SyntaxError: Unexpected token { in JSON at position 2

    “”{“nb_results”:0,”status”:8,”message”:”Error on line 281 of file \/wp-content\/object-cache.php: Undefined index: delete”,”indexing_complete”:false}
    —end error—
    Also, note that this is popping up more frequently and killing the process of sending data to algolia.

    2 years ago #22797

    The issue seems to be due to the default caching put in place by WPengine. I disabled and importing and deleting works fine now.

    2 years ago #22800

    Do you know the name of this caching plugin?

    2 years ago #22837

    Its not actually a plugin. I believe it used to be but their caching layer is on the server level. If you have any specific questions I can ask them and relay any answers.

    2 years ago #22839

    Thanks, that could help to get informations for other WPEngine users.

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