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Table of contents :

2023 will be the year of E-commerce faceted, filtered, vector search !

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Table of contents :

E-Commerce search is built from keywords, filters (for stock availability for instance), and aggregations (for attributes facets).

Keywords search is usually tuned with analysers (stemming, lemming, N-Grams…).

But LLM models and vector search are now mature enough to replace this keyword tuning with semantic.

Therefore, e-commerce will either be:
– An inverted search augmented with LLM embeddings and vector search
– A vector search augmented with filters and aggregations

And we indeed now see a convergence of Lucene vs Vector engines: the former to use vectors, the later to use filters/aggregations.

You can install and compare Elasticsearch, Solr, Algolia and Weaviate on your own WooCommercehttps://wpsolr.com

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