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Table of contents :

Recombee recommendations for WordPress

Image of Wordpress and Recombee

Table of contents :

Recombee is a personalization & recommendations engine that is proven to improve conversion rates greatly. But what if you wanted to implement it into your WordPress website ?

Well you’re at the right place. This will explain why you wold want to add Recombee to your WordPress website but also how you could go it.


Why integrate Recombee into WordPress?

Integrating Recombee into WordPress offers countless benefits :

Firstly, it enhances user experience by delivering personalized recommendations tailored to individual preferences, thereby increasing user engagement and satisfaction.

Recombee is also a very versatile recommendation engine. It can be used for e-commerce, movie or video streaming and blog or news websites. This is because it offers countless user events (interactions) and trained models to use.

Whether your website is big or small, Recombee can help since it uses hybrid filtering (combination of content-based and collaborative filtering) to suggest the most relevant products or items. This is greatly beneficial for small businesses since collaborative filtering requires a great amount of data to work (called cold-start) so falling back to content-based filtering in case of lack of data allows your recommendations to work seamlessly.

If you wish learn more about this, you could check out our detailed Recombee review.

How to integrate Recombee into WordPress?

Do It Yourself

Recombee offers a PHP API client for you to use. You could create a WordPress plugin yourself and create items, users, send user interactions, etc… by sending queries to your Recombee database using the PHP client. We have a guide explaining all this in detail with code examples.

Using WPSolr

WPSolr is a search & recommendations plugin that makes use of many search & recommendations engines, including Recombee. It can integrate both Recombee personalized search  & recommendations into WordPress & Woocommerce to maximize your website’s effectiveness and performance.

You could also check out our re-rank option to combine an AI search (like Weaviate) with personalization.

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