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WooCommerce is the most comprehensive e-commerce platform. But it craves for a modern search

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Table of contents :

With the rise of AI, all e-commerce shops should get a great faceted search, augmented with a great semantic search.

e-commerce shops need both, as facets are the standard for navigating among product attributes, while semantic search prevents most empty results due to keywords mismatch.

There a plenty of technologies, APIs, or plugins for search and Question Answering.
But most are 100% classic, or 100% AI, or require a heavy integration, or lack open source choices.

WPSOLR let e-commerce owners combine the best of all worlds with a read-to-use package.
One can choose classic/hybrid/AI, can combine several search on different sections of their site, choose closed embedding APIs or Open source models or custom trained models.

WPSOLR + Weaviate + classic|hybrid|AI search: https://wpsolr.com

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