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Table of contents :

Quepid : Improve your search relevancy with this simple tool


Table of contents :

Have you have installed your search engine like Elasticsearch, Opensearch or Apache Solr but found the results unsatisfying.

It seems just setting up your search is not enough, you could optimize it using OpenSource Connections’s Quepid search relevancy toolkit (https://quepid.com/).

Well in the following video, Eric Pugh explains how you can use Quepid to improve your search: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sazrBME353M.

How it works :

– Let the client or whoever understands in detail the contents of the website define key queries and rate each one of the returned results.

– Use the different algorithms in Quepid to give a score to each one of the queries so that the search relevancy expert can understand which ones needs work. The simple metric allows anyone (even those that don’t understand the subject) to check if a search is relevant.


If you wish to save time and costs, you could instead use recommendations. The recommender systems often use AI that is trained on your website’s interactions, which means that it optimizes itself on it’s own and good recommendations also has a way higher conversion rate than optimized search.

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