Hybrid search is the new hot topic, and is now ready to use with WPSOLR & WooCommerce !

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SeMI Technologies released Weaviate v 1.17.0 with a new hybrid search, and an alpha setting to set how much search is pure dense/vector or pure sparse/inverted.

This is great for e-Commerce, as vector search can be a little bit too much “imaginative”. The hybrid search should help results stick to the products contents.

WPSOLR with Hybrid search: https://www.wpsolr.com/guide/configuration-step-by-step-schematic/configure-your-indexes/create-weaviate-index/hybrid-search/

Weaviate v1.17.0: https://github.com/semi-technologies/weaviate/releases/tag/v1.17.0

Weaviate Hybrid operator: https://weaviate.io/developers/weaviate/current/graphql-references/vector-search-parameters.html#hybrid

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