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Implementing Vespa search for WooCommerce – Part 5

Published 31 March, 2023
– Last updated 7 April, 2023

Table of Contents

(Following Part 4)

The coding of query filters and query aggregations (facets) for Vespa is now complete. One can define facets and filters with advanced facet layouts, from the WPSOLR admin.

Some details below:

– Vespa provides YQL, a SQL-like language, to build queries with filters and aggregations. It’s very simple to use for most developers who are already familiar with SQL.

– Vespa does not provide a YQL syntax for filter exclusions yet. Filter exclusion is very important for e-Commerce, as it enable to show facet contents eliminated by the current facet selection.
To overcome this issue, WPSOLR will call several aggregation queries in parallel https://lnkd.in/dvhAKJpZ. We did the same trick for Weaviate 🙂

All facet layouts are available to Vespa queries:
– check boxes
– radio boxes
– hierarchical categories
– price slider with formatting
– date slider with formatting
– price range
– select box with multi-selection
– select2 box with multi-selection
– AND/OR operators

Next step: ranking !

WPSOLR: https://www.wpsolr.com

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