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Table of contents :

How to increase SEO using recommendations


Table of contents :

Fifteen years ago, the strategies for search engine optimization (SEO) were quite different. Practices such as keyword stuffing, purchasing backlinks, and overfilling the meta keywords tag were effective but have since become outdated and ineffective for boosting search engine visibility. Nowadays, Google prioritizes content quality, user experience, and the organic acquisition of backlinks, emphasizing the importance of creating quality articles and enhancing the user experience. However, if your site contains a vast number of posts, Google might face difficulties in indexing them. This is where recommendation engines play a crucial role, aiding Google in indexing your content and delivering personalized content to your users.


What is a recommendation engine

A recommendation engine is an AI-driven tool that filters and suggests content to users based on various factors. These suggestions are personalized according to the user’s preferences, with the accuracy of recommendations improving as more data is collected. Many websites, such as Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon, employ recommendation engines to enhance user experience. The primary objectives of these engines are to boost sales and improve customer loyalty. As personalized recommendations become increasingly popular, users are more inclined to appreciate customized suggestions during their purchasing process.

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How do recommendations enhance the Search Engine Optimization of websites?

Recommendation engines not only enhance user experience but can also serve as a catalyst for boosting your website’s search engine ranking, an often overlooked advantage of such systems. Their utility extends beyond e-commerce platforms to include blogs and other content-rich websites. There are primarily two mechanisms through which these engines contribute to your SEO improvement:

  • First, recommendations can enhance the efficiency of page crawling. Google employs web crawlers to index websites and their individual pages. By embedding recommendations across your site, you enable Google to discover and access a larger array of pages. Additionally, these engines can spotlight pages that, despite being pertinent, might not attract substantial traffic. This significantly eases the process for Google to index your webpages.

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  • The second method through which they enhance SEO involves boosting page views by suggesting high-quality pages that might not have received substantial traffic previously. Additionally, effective recommendations can encourage users to return to your site more frequently. Google takes note of these patterns and subsequently elevates your website’s ranking.

Although recommendations are not the sole method for improving website ranking, they play a crucial role in achieving a strong SEO standing.


What is the best recommendation engine?

Numerous recommendation engines exist, yet Recombee stands out as a superior choice. It is versatile, capable of suggesting a wide range of content from products to blog posts, and offers real-time recommendations to ensure the suggestions remain pertinent. Its scalability means it can manage large data volumes, making it appropriate for businesses of any size. Recombee is also highly customizable; through ReQL, users can create rules to filter or enhance particular content. Furthermore, it provides detailed analytics to track performance and user behavior. Recombee is an excellent option for those looking to increase sales or website traffic. For more information, visit their website: https://www.recombee.com/pricing.html

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While there are numerous strategies to enhance SEO, recommendations have become indispensable. They play a crucial role in aiding Google to index your webpages and in boosting customer retention. Recommendations are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the e-commerce sector. As consumers increasingly favor websites that provide personalized user experiences, the significance of recommendations will only grow.

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