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How to help your sceptical clients whether their search is better with AI ?

Published 23 January, 2023
– Last updated 24 January, 2023

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People are already aware, thanks to #ChatGPT, of what AI can do in general. People also know that their competitors are willing to use it soon.

But people are not always convinced that this will apply to them. Because they think they have special needs that will not been tackled as well as for the general uses case.

And there are also lots of examples of a new promising technology not doing so well on the long term: js frameworks dead after a few years, java applets, …

The key for you is to prove that their use case is fitted to AI search.

And for that, you just have to compare your AI search to their current search stack.

This is where WPSOLR comes handy.

With WPSOLR, you can configure many search stacks on your client’s WooCommerce site, including: #elasticsearch#solrAlgolia#opensearch, Google Retail, Weaviate.

Then, let your client play around with the search results and suggestions.
He can switch back and forth from one search engine to another in seconds.

After that, he will be able to make a decision, based on facts, not on hype !

As an example, you can test 3 different live suggestions on WPSOLR’s home page (AlgoliaWeaviate with OpenAIWeaviate with Cohere): https://www.wpsolr.com

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